PARI Emerging Scholars Workshop

PARI Emerging Scholar Workshops in spring 2023

Workshops on the main research areas of PARI: Cold War, Border Studies, the European Union and democracy in the Global Order

We held two Emerging Scholar Workshops in spring of 2023. In April as well as in may talks were held about the main research areas of PARI.

The relationship between Germany and Soviet-/Russia (Susanne Maslanka), american trade policy in the context of GATT (Martin Utsch), german foreign policy since Gorbatschows “Sinatra-Doktrin” 1989 (Birgit Hofmann) and NATO’s eastward expansion (Hans-Georg Ripken) were the topics of talks about “The Cold War”.

We also talked about Border Studies (Andrew Thompkins), as well as european values and regionalism in the democratisation process in Ukraine (Olga Nosova) and the western balkans (Zhlyien Kaja). The last part of the workshop dealt with democracy in the global order and included the discussion of the limits of liberal theories of democracy (Vanessa Wintermantel), a critique of the radical democracy theory of an empty democracy (Christoph Held) and Temporality of Political Order in the Anthropocene (Tom Scheunemann).

The second round of the Emerging Scholars workshop started with a keynote on recent trends in Cold War Studies (Prof. Hope Harrison). It was followed by a panel on the transformation of european and transatlantic security order of the 1990s (Prof. Phillip Gassert, Hans-Georg Ripken). Tim Dielmann, Joshua Haberkern and Martin Utsch spoke on the european process of integration, the Ethnicization of “Otherness” and violence as well as french security orderat the end of the 20th century. Prof. Alexander Vazansky held a presentation on militarism and anti-militarism in West Germany from 1970-1990. The panel was concluded by a talk on landscapes of energy and Eco-governmentality (Philipp Kröger).

The last panel was about the history of the present and included an impulse by Prof. Reinhild Kreis on the question: “What is the history of the present?”



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