PARI working meeting October 2022

PARI work meeting in Geisa

Discussion between Dr. Tobias Becker, Prof. Dr. Christine Domke, Christina Fischer, Christoph
Held, Prof. Dr. Matthias Klemm, Prof. Dr. Christiane Kuller, Prof. Dr. Philip Liste, Tom
Scheunemann, Vivian Seidel, Prof. Dr. Claudia Wiesner

On October 4, 2022, the conference began with a welcome, followed by introductions and setting the agenda. The next day, October 5, 2022, focused on various research priorities and approaches.

The day started with an intensive discussion on “Democracy in the Global Order.” Current working papers were presented and thoroughly discussed. The discussion highlighted the challenges that democratic systems face in a globalized world. It examined how global power shifts, economic inequalities, and transnational actors influence democracy. The role of international organizations and supranational institutions, which can act as both supporters and challengers of democratic processes, was particularly emphasized. Participants analyzed different models of democratic governance and discussed their effectiveness and adaptability to global changes.

This was followed by another discussion session on “The Cold War and its Relevance to the Present.” This session explored historical perspectives and their relevance to current geopolitical developments. The discussion included the impacts of the Cold War on today’s international politics and the ongoing tensions between former power blocs.

The third discussion session focused on “Border Studies.” This session explored border theories and their application to modern border conflicts. Participants discussed the social, cultural, and political significance of borders and the effects of border policies on migration and national security.

After a short break, organizational topics were addressed. The discussion covered scholarship announcements, networking and cooperation opportunities, as well as the budget for 2022/2023 and plans until 2024. Additionally, plans for future events and publications were discussed.

The day concluded with a final discussion on the next steps before the participants departed.

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