Panel “Democracy, Citizens and Europe” of the conference of DebatEU

Democracy, Citizens and Europe

Panel of the Interim Conference of the Jean Monnet Network “Debating Europe” in Fulda.

Despite the efforts of the EU and national institutions, as well as intermediary actors, studies and surveys indicate a growing gap between the so-called “EU elites” and EU citizens. The EU faces a legitimacy problem; support rates dropped during the financial crisis, and despite the improving economic situation, votes for populist, extremist, anti-EU, and anti-democratic parties and movements are rising across the EU. At the same time, the Europeanization of politics and decision-making continues to influence and alter the national democratic systems of member states.

  • 1) Claudia Wiesner (Fulda): Re-thinking Politicization. Towards a mulit-level and multi-stage concept”
  • 2) Cécille Robert (Sciences-Po Grenoble): Depoliticization at the EU levels. From the depoliticization of public action to its effects on citizens
  • 3) Virginie van Ingeldom (UC Louvain): Citizens´ attitudes and reactions towards Europpean integration

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