Roundtable Discussion “Democracy after the end of the world?”

Democracy after the end of the world?

Roundtable discussion of the Interdisciplinary workshop “Democracy and / in the Anthropocene” at the Point Alpha Research Institute (PARI) in Geisa, Germany

The panel talked about questions such as:

  • How are current crises linked to the Anthropocene, and how is this discussed in academia?
  • What policies address these crises, particularly in fields like climate change, artificial intelligence, and security? What strategies and patterns of reaction emerge in managing complexity and systems?
  • What are the implications for democracy in the Anthropocene? Is there a conflict between governance and democratic principles?
  • What new forms of power arise in complex terrains, and how do they impact exclusions and hierarchies?
  • How do governing, knowledge, direction, and entanglements intersect in the Anthropocene? Is discussing “governing (in) the Anthropocene” meaningful?
  • What tools are needed for (critical) theories and political analysis?
  • Which concepts are useful for understanding the Anthropocene and its governance?
  • What are the potentials, pitfalls, and limits of new anthropocenic ontologies? Are they more or less democratic?

You can find more information about the whole Workshop here.


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