Book presentation and discussion “Collapse, crisis or resilience? Democracy in the 21st century”

Collapse, crisis or resilience? Democracy in the 21st century

Book presentation and discussion as part of the lecture series “Europe in the world” by the Fulda Centre of Transnational Governance and the Point Alpha Research Institute (PARI)

Is democracy in crisis, has it even reached the end of its own history, or does it have prospects for development?

In the discussion on these questions, Wolfgang Merkel (Prof. em Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin & Humboldt Universität zu Berlin; Fellow at the Central European University Budapest) and Veith Selk (Privatdozent at the TU Darmstadt & Senior Fellow at the Point Alpha Research Institute) presented their new books to each other. Claudia Wiesner (Professor at Fulda University of Applied Sciences and Managing Director of the Point Alpha Research Institute) moderated the discussion.

The presented books are:

Wolfgang Merkel : Im Zwielicht. Zerbrechlichkeit und Resilienz der Demokratie im 21. Jahrhundert, Campus 2023.

Veith Selk : Demokratiedämmerung. Eine Kritik der Demokratietheorie. Suhrkamp 2023.


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