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A look back at a year of intensive research and discussions: Point Alpha Research Institute in 2023

The year 2023 was a significant chapter for the Point Alpha Research Institute in its ongoing mission to deepen understanding of democracy, the Cold War and themes of borders and border regions in Europe and around the world. So through a variety of events, including conferences, workshops and public discussion events, the Institute not only demonstrated its commitment to research excellence, but also made a contribution to promoting broader understanding and awareness in these key areas.

Positive impact

The past year was characterized by an impressive variety of events that brought together both experts and the interested public. Point Alpha Research Institute organized several conferences, including the highly acclaimed “Reforms Long Shadows”, which focused on current challenges for democratic systems worldwide. Numerous workshops allowed researchers and participants to delve deeply into Cold War and Border Studies topics. The public discussion events, such as the “Geisa talks”, created a platform for a constructive dialog on current developments in the political landscape.


Despite the progress made over the past year, the Point Alpha Research Institute’s field of research continues to face significant challenges. One of the key challenges is to keep pace with the rapid evolution of global political landscapes. Ever-changing geopolitical relationships, technological advances and social upheavals require continuous adaptation of research approaches and methods. Similarly, the increasing restrictions on the international exchange of ideas and knowledge are a hurdle that must be overcome. The Institute is faced with the task of finding innovative ways to maintain interdisciplinary dialog while meeting the demands of a changing world. The coming years offer the opportunity to address these challenges and develop new perspectives to further advance research in the field of democracy, conflicts and Border Studies. Only through continued and bold engagement with these challenges can we ensure comprehensive and relevant research that has a lasting impact on shaping our global future.

List of events

In 2023, the Point Alpha Research Institute not only expanded knowledge, but also built bridges between research and the public. The events of the past year reflect the Institute’s commitment to a profound examination of the pressing issues of our time and give us hope that the knowledge gained will have a lasting impact on the shaping of the world.

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